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To assume that we have two tables in Oracle database, which are EMPLOYEE and DEPARTMENTS. And we want to merge this two RDB tables to HBase.
Using this tool will help us to design a HTable, and loading data from RDB to the HTable we designed.


1. Click Connect/RDB Connect

2. Select a correct DB brand, we support MySQL and Oracle 11g right now.

3. If the information is correct, system will pop up a message box as follows.

4. In this tool, we also need to connect to HBase

5. Please input the zookeeper’s host name and port.

6. After connecting to both rdb and HBase, we provide a simple tool to view the relationships of tables in rdb.

We choose a schema first, then system will show tables belong to the schema.

We can check some tables, and tables we checked will show in the right panel.

7. We are going to the main function which is “Convert Schema”. We can design a htable for the data from rdb tables through this function.

8. As RDB Info. We should check a schema first.

9. Choose tables which we want to merge, and put the data from this tables to HBase.

10. Click “Merge Table”.

11. The system pops up a window for designing HTable.

Fill the HTable name and column family. (this System only support one column family, cause HBase still has some performance issues in column families.)

Click “Set Rule” to design a rule of row key.

12. The system pops up a window for designing row key. The system provides 7 kinds of rules as follows.

RDB Table Column


Automatic number

System Date (yyyymmdd)




We can put all kinds of rules together to build a rule of row key. Here is a very important concept, the rowkey which is generated by the rule should be unique.

Here is an example of “RDB Table Column” and “Prefix” bellow.

13. Click “Add” to define the relationships of RDB tables.

14. Finally, we can only choose some columns that we want to transfer to HBase.

15. After all configurations, system creates a HTable instance and display on the “HBase Tables” panel. We can keep merging new table until we click “Finish”. System will do the process one HTable by one HTable.

16. Click “Start to Convert” and wait for a while, it depends on the quantity of the data.

17. When system popping up a message box as fellows, it means everything is fine. We can check it out in the HBase right now.

18. Describe ‘EMPLOYEES’

19. Check it out the data.