HareDB Introduction

HareDB is the new generation solution based on the Hadoop system and the HBase database. With the establishment of the Hadoop cluster, the Enterprise can largely increase the capacity of the data and the data storage become more scalable. With the consistency and random access features of HBase, it becomes one of the most popular data storage for the enterprise. HareDB also support the analytics tools or the BI tools for the analyst to have a integrated platform to access the big data. This will helps the enterprise to make the immediate and appropriate decision and gain the benefit on it.

Key Features

  • Based on the standard hadoop system with good compatibility and scalability.
  • Follow the update of the HBase to provide better availability.
  • Support the SQL Query for the users to access HBase interactively.
  • Support the BI and Analytic tools in the Hadoop Ecosystem.
  • Professional consultant service available through the introduction of the system.